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In 2012 Holzweiler launched their first luxury scarf collection, Holzweiler. In cashmere, silk and wool blends Holzweiler scarves showed unique variations of prints and colours, and became an instant success on the Norwegian fashion market. In July 2014, Holzweiler expanded their creativity to the next level and launched their own clothing line. The line pays high attention to exquisite qualities and materials, creating playful basics and blending progressive ideas with classic ideals. With a strong incentive to reflect the beauty of everyday life and its surroundings, the Holzweiler collections are a direct result of collaboration with contemporary artists from around the world. Drawing on art as a metaphor and portraying this directly into the collection has become one of the main characteristics of the distinct Holzweiler design.

“Holzweiler evolved from the idea of creating unique items through wonderful qualities and collaboration with contemporary artists.
Susanne Holzweiler
“We strive to be a quintessential fashion house with the ability to create and develop our brand together with our creative team, to achieve our vision.
Andreas Holzweiler

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